Author, Educator and Coach 

First and foremost I am Mum to three gorgeous children; Maya, Oscar and Ava. As a parent I have seen firsthand the positive impact that personal development and positive psychology can have on young children.

​​​​​​​My background was originally in maths education, where I taught, and led, in two very different secondary schools. Throughout that period I witnessed a roller coaster of ups and downs and inspired by two people, it ultimately led to the creation of ‘The Snowdrop Story’.

Having left the classroom behind in summer 2017, I now offer a range of services working with young children, teenagers as well as teachers and parents. 

I truly believe in encouraging children of all ages to dream big, make goals and aim for the biggest scariest goals in their lives. My aim is to provide them with the tools to continue no matter what is put in their way.


Student Intervention & Tuition

Maths Tuition from KS3 up to A Level.
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Children's books ​​​​​​​

Story books for children aged 4-9 to improve self believe and maintain a positive mindset.

Great North Maths Hub Lead

In 2017 I joined the leadership team for The Great North Maths Hub, for more information about the work we are involved with around the North East go to  www.greatnorthmathshub.co.uk​​​​​​​

Yellow Brick Road Academy​​​​​​​

Revision planner to support students in the lead up to exams at home and/or at school.